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The Steps of Clearing Clogged Drains

A clogged drain in and of itself might not be much of a plumbing emergency, but the fact that something is causing your pipes to drain slowly is concerning and can lead to much bigger problems in the future if not addressed. Although some minor drain clogs can be cleared with DIY techniques, other cases may require professional drain cleaning services. If you’re the do-it-yourself type, try these easy drain clearing techniques before you call a plumber in Berkeley to clean your drains.

Reach for the Plunger

If you have a plunger behind the toilet, under the sink, or inside your broom closet, go ahead and take it out at the first sign of a clogged drain. Plunger can clear most minor clogs from sinks, tubs, and toilets. For bathroom sinks, stuff a wet rag into the overflow hole while plunging to help deliver pressure directly to the clog.

Use a Plumbing Snake

If plunging doesn’t work, your next most viable option is to use a plumbing snake, or plumbing auger. You can rent or buy a plumbing snake from your local hardware store if you don’t already own one. Plumbing augers work by twisting a cable through the pipe to break up clogs.

Check the Plumbing Vent

Believe it or not, the answer to a stubborn clog may be found on your roof. A clog in the plumbing vent can cause your fixtures to drain more slowly, which may lead you to believe that the problem lies inside the pipes. If plungers and plumbing snakes don’t work, climb on top of your roof and inspect the plumbing vent for any visible blockages.

If these methods don’t work, call Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating. We provide hydro-jetting services that are guaranteed to cut through mineral and rust buildup, soap scum, grease, and even tree roots. For additional information on our plumbing repair services, including professional drain cleaning, call us at (510) 843-6904. We are proud to serve Berkeley, Alameda, Contra Costa, and the surrounding counties.

What Is Hydro Jetting?

Over time, most piping develops a certain level of buildup. Minerals, rust, soap scum, pollutants, and plant particles such as tree roots find their way into the piping, which can lead to a severe clog. One of the best ways to fix the clog is to hire a plumber near Berkeley who offers hydro jetting. This chemical-free process uses nothing but water and pressure to clear the plumbing line, which spares your pipes as well as the environment from harmful chemicals. Hydro jetting can be used to clear a clog or simply improve the flow of your pipes.

Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating is a family-owned company with more than 30 years of experience. Trust us with your hydro jetting needs by calling us at (510) 843-6904. All of our work is guaranteed, and we are available 24/7 for emergency plumbing needs. Visit our website to learn more about the plumbing services we provide the Berkeley area.

Tips for Shopping for a New Water Heater

Tankless water heaters offer hot water on-demand, which means you would not need to match your water needs with the right size tank. That said, conventional water heaters are less expensive upfront. Whether you are considering a tankless water heater in Berkeley or a conventional water heater, this article will help you find the right water heater for your needs.


To ensure efficiency and an adequate supply of hot water, your water heater must be appropriately sized. Sizing a water heater involves listing the number of hot water devices you anticipate using and adding up their flow rates. The resulting number is the flow rate you need in a water heater. Investing in low-flow water fixtures is an effective way to reduce your total flow demand, which subsequently reduces the size of the water heater you would need.

Fuel Type

The type of fuel you use to heat water will affect the total operation costs, the size of the water heater, and the level of efficiency it achieves. Electric water heaters are a popular choice because of the widespread availability of electricity. Natural gas and propane are also widely available sources of energy. Compare the prices of these energy sources to determine which would be the most cost-effective option. Look for an Energy Star certified water heater to ensure that it is energy-efficient.

Total Costs

Factor in the cost of water heater repair, upfront cost, installation, and operating cost as you shop for a new water heater. Tankless water heaters require more money than conventional water heaters for the initial purchase, but are more energy-efficient. Tankless water heaters also last much longer than conventional water heaters. Many estimates say that tankless water heaters last twice as long as conventional water heaters.

To learn more about choosing a new water heater, call Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating at (510) 843-6904. We can help you choose a water heater and even install it for you. Visit our website to see what other plumbing services we offer.

AC Tips to Help You Keep Cool

If you are using AC near Berkeley this summer, there are many ways to improve the energy efficiency of your unit while staying cool. First, do not turn the air conditioner off when you leave the house; instead, use a programmable thermostat to set a higher temperature when you are not home. An AC or furnace repair technician can install a programmable thermostat if you do not already have one. Keep blinds and curtains closed during the day to prevent sunlight from heating the home.

For AC maintenance and repair services, contact Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating at (510) 843-6904. Visit us online to see all of the plumbing and HVAC services we offer.

What Causes Poor Indoor Air Quality

Did you know that the quality of indoor air is often worse than that of outside air? If you have an indoor air problem, the American Lung Association recommends removing the source of the pollution. A plumber in Berkeley can help improve your building’s air quality by providing duct cleaning services and installing an air filtration system. Learn more about the sources of poor indoor air quality by reading this article.

Biological Sources

Particles from mold, animal dander, pollen, dust mites, and cockroaches can significantly reduce indoor air quality. Many people are allergic to these biological pollutants, which can provoke allergy symptoms and even asthma attacks. Viruses and bacteria are also common biological pollutants. Controlling moisture, staying on top of cleaning, and installing an air filtration device are effective methods of controlling these pollutants.

Secondhand Smoke

Secondhand cigarette smoke contains roughly 200 known poisons, including carbon monoxide and formaldehyde. Always avoid smoking indoors, especially around children, who are more susceptible to the negative health effects of secondhand smoke.


Combustion from fuel-burning stoves, heaters, fireplaces, furnaces, and water heaters can release a number of dangerous pollutants into the air. Low levels of these pollutants can cause fatigue, headache, nausea, dizziness, and confusion. High levels can cause death.


Radon is a naturally occurring gas that can come into your home through small openings. It is estimated to be one of the leading causes of lung cancer in the U.S. To control for radon, you must have your home tested regularly.


Asbestos is a mineral that, when inhaled, can cause scarring of the lung tissue. Many products containing asbestos are found in the home, such as the roof, floor, and insulation. Asbestos must be professionally sealed or removed to ensure it is not a risk.

Contact Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating at (510) 843-6904 for more information about what we can do to improve your building’s indoor air quality. Visit our website to see the full list of plumbing services we offer.

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