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3 Factors That May Be Contributing to Your Smelly Drain

When something goes wrong with your home, we may not always know right away. A bad smell from areas like your kitchen, bathrooms, or basement is not only unpleasant but a warning sign that your house's drain system needs maintenance. While it may be possible to ignore a problem like this for a period of time, a little maintenance early on can save plenty of money later. Smelly sinks are caused by a number of factors, including: 

1. Neglect: Make a habit of flushing your pipes with baking soda once every month or two and have your systems inspected by a professional once a year for signs of corrosion and damage. Regular maintenance like this definitely makes a difference to the costs of owning a home.

2. Food deep in the drain: Just as food left in the sink starts to rot and stink, food refuse that finds its way down the drain can coat or clog the inside of the pipes. Not only does its decay cause bad smells and health hazards, but drains also don't work as well when they're filled with rotten food. Speak with a professional plumber to get help clearing your pipes.

3. Old hoses and pipes: Nothing lasts forever. At some point in time, the copper, steel, or Aquaplex that makes up your pipes will corrode and need to be replaced. If your house's drain system incorporates rubber hoses anywhere, then you will need to replace your pipe system sooner because rubber hoses have a shorter lifespan than regular piping. 

If the smell from your drains is overtaking your house, then call in the professionals to get them fixed. At Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating, we have the experience and professionalism to install quality piping that will last. Contact us today at (510) 843-6904 to make an appointment or visit us online.

Down the Drain

Water Heater Tips

Water heaters fail every day for a number of reasons, including metal pipe corrosion, improperly mixed connectors, or accumulated sediment inside, causing reduced power. This video offers tips for maintaining your water heater. For example, a good water heater should have one easy-to-access control valve on the cold water side only. You also want to make sure you have dielectric unions separating copper pipes from iron fixtures. The mixture of the two metals could cause corrosion in your system. For more information on installing a new water heater, check out this video. 

If you are ready to install a new tankless water heater, then contact the professionals at Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating. We offer a wide variety of services including standard plumbing, repiping, installation of water heaters, and more. Visit our website or call us at (510) 843-6904 to learn more today.


Sewer Problems? Read This!

Our recent blog posts have included information about trenchless sewer line repair, tankless water heaters, and sewer drain problems. If you are looking for more information on these topics, then look through this list of resources. For quick, friendly plumbing and pipe repair in the Oakland, California area, call Albert Nahman Plumbing and Heating at (510) 843-6904. 

  • Find out more about trenchless sewer repair by visiting, a website dedicated to providing information about sewer line replacement technology.

  • If you’re buying or selling a home, then be sure to have your sewer line inspected to get a better assessment of the home’s value. 
  • The Minnesota Department of Health has answered several questions about common sewer problems and provides information about what to do about sewage problems in the event of a flood. 
  • Get more information about how septic systems work with this diagram from the University of Maryland. 


Sewage assembly

What is a Trenchless Sewer Line?

Trenchless sewer line replacement can be used to replace or repair any underground sewer line without digging a trench across your property and disturbing your landscape, property, and daily life. Trenchless sewer drain repair saves time and money and is particularly useful when a drainpipe is buried beneath a house or a sidewalk. Here are common repairs made using trenchless sewer line technology. 

Sewer Pipe Relining 

Sewer pipe relining can be done quickly and easily with trenchless sewer lines. This technique is commonly referred to as “no dig” repair. The method involves relining the length of a sewer pipe with flexible PVC liner that’s coated with epoxy resin. The new liner is blown into the old pipe using air and inflated to quickly seal and reinforce the existing sewer line and repair any leaks or breaks. The new pipe is watertight and resistant to root damage and other potential hazards. 

Sewer Pipe Bursting 

If the old drainage line is too severely damaged to be repaired by relining, then a sewer line can also be repaired in other ways. The most common method is to dig two very small access holes around the pipe and run a cable through the length of the sewer line. The cable is attached to a tool called a bursting head, which is attached to a new length of sewer pipe. To repair the pipe, the bursting head plows through the damaged sewer line and leaves behind the new, stronger pipe. 

Trenchless sewer lines can save you time and money. For pipe and drain repair in the Oakland, Berkeley, and San Francisco Bay area, call Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating at (510) 843-6904. We have been in business for more than 25 years and have built a great reputation by delivering high-quality plumbing services consistently while genuinely caring for our customers. Call us today! 


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5 Signs You May Have a Sewer Drain Problem

Problems with your drains or sewage line can amount to costly and inconvenient repairs. Help protect your home by being proactive and putting a stop to sewage problems before they begin. These telltale signs may mean that you have a sewer drain problem:

 1.      Smell of Sewage: If your sewage line is functioning properly, then you should not ever smell sewage. If you do smell sewage, then it may mean that your line is broken or leaking and sewage may be collecting outside of your home or in your basement.  

2.      Wet Spots That Stay: Reoccurring wet spots can indicate leaks and should be checked immediately to avoid larger problems. Wet spots can be caused by old or decaying pipes or pressure built up from clogs that have caused the line to burst. 

3.      Slow Drainage: If you notice your water is draining slowly or not at all, then your pipes may be clogged. If clogs go untreated, they may cause the pipe to burst, so it’s a good idea to have any clogs attended to quickly. 

4.      Smell of Sewer Gas: The smell of sewer gas, or hydrogen sulfide, could be due to drains that have not been properly maintained. The drains in your bathroom are designed to trap sewer gas within your sewage line and away from your home, and if you can smell gas, then these drains are malfunctioning. Sewer gas can be very dangerous, so call a professional plumber if you think your drains are not functioning properly. 

5.      Sewage Backup: If sewage has actually begun to collect in your home or if your toilets and drains are flooding, then call a professional to look at the problem immediately. Untreated sewage is full of toxins and bacteria that can be harmful to your health. 

For sewage line repair and plumbing treatment in the Oakland and Berkeley, California area, call Albert Nahman Plumbing & Cooling at (510) 843-6904. 


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