• Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating – Increase Your Home’s Value By Replacing Your Old Pipes

    Do you have an old house that’s riddled with plumbing that continuously gives you problems? Every year, people spend millions of dollars on repairing, renovating, and replacing pipes due to damage caused by old plumbing. This means that a home that has been newly re-piped adds value for home buyers. Heavily used areas of the house, like the kitchen and bathroom , are especially attractive when they have been recently redone.

    So what are your best options when it comes to re-piping your home? 

    • Water sources . The water coming into your house runs through lines within the walls of your home. Old galvanized and copper pipes should be replaced with newer copper or CPVC pipes to ensure nothing breaks. New water pipes in a home will more than offset the cost of installation, and can even turn a profit if done correctly. 
    • Water heater . Replacing a water heater will also increase your home’s value. Using an on-demand or solar water heater can provide you with energy efficiency, quick hot water, and a higher value on your home when it comes time to sell. 
    • Fixtures . While re-piping your home, take the opportunity to upgrade the fixtures as well. While brand new piping is great, people are usually only impressed by the things they can see.  Nothing says high-quality like new fixtures attached to top-of-the-line piping.  If you’re planning, on selling choose fixtures that will appeal to a wide audience. 

    When taking the time to have a plumber re-pipe your home, there are additions such as water heaters and fixtures, that will bring even more value to your home. If you’re planning on selling your home, then talk to your real estate agent about your local market.  Chances are, they’ll tell you that upgrades to kitchens and bathrooms (re-piping included) are always a wise expenditure. 

    In the Berkeley area, Albert Naham Plumbing  is been the solution for all your plumbing problems. Stop throwing money down the drain and contact us for all your needs. From fixing a leaky faucet to installing a new, we’ve got you covered! 

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  • Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating – 3 Tips for Keeping Your Water Heater in Working Condition

    Water heaters are one of the most taken for granted appliances in our homes. Often locked away in a closet or the garage, we tend to forget about them until there is a catastrophic problem and we have to call an emergency plumber. 

    However, there are some ways to avoid these plumbing catastrophes and keep your water heater running like new for years. To keep your water heater running efficiently, all it takes is a little maintenance that you don’t even need a plumber for. 

    1. Lower the temperature . Lowering the hot water temperature will prevent your water heater from overheating and save you money on your energy bill. Your water heater accounts for about 20% of your home’s energy budget; dialing it down a little can save you a lot. 
    2. Flush your water heater . There is a little valve at the bottom of every water heater to drain it. Carefully use this valve to drain a couple of gallons ever few months and you’ll flush out the corrosion and sediment from your plumbing, keeping your water heater running smoothly.
    3. Check the valve . On most water heaters, there’s a temperature and pressure valve that keeps your water heater from overheating and building up too much pressure. Consult your owner’s manual and check it regularly to make sure it’s functioning. 

    Performing these 3 simple steps regularly can keep your water heater running efficiently and save you from a plumbing disaster. If you’ve ever known someone who has had a water heater fail, then you already know these steps are worth taking.

     If you don’t feel like dealing with your water heater yourself, then the pros at Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating can just take care of your water heater for you.  Our services not only include installation, but cover sewer inspecting and drain cleaning as well. Call today (510) 843-6904

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  • Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating – 4 Ways To Keep Your Drain Clog Free

    No one likes dealing with clogged drains .  They can be a huge hassle to deal with and can end up causing serious problems if left untreated.  Instead of allowing your drains to get backed up, here are four ways to keep them clog free from plumbing experts. 

    1. Use a hair trap on your shower and tub drains.  This stops hair from getting down your pipes—which is a large cause of clogs.  It also stops other things from accidently slipping down the drain, like soap, hair bands, and wedding rings. 
    2. Do not put grease down your kitchen drain.  Grease clogs your drain and cause serious blockage.  Instead of pouring leftovers into the sink, use a designated container for your excess grease and dispose of it in the trash when it becomes full. 
    3. Watch what you put down the disposal.  Here is a brief list of things that should not be put down the kitchen sink: 
    • Uncooked and tough leftovers, like potato and apple peels.
    • Broccoli stems, corn cobs, and other tough vegetable and fruits.
    • Egg shells.
    • Coffee grounds or tea bags.
    • Pasta or grain—unless it is poured slowly down the drain to make sure the disposal catches it. 

    4. Regularly service your drains.  You can perform drain cleaning with some     at-home products, like vinegar or baking soda.  Avoid using harsh              chemicals, because these end up contaminating sewers.  To ensure that your     drains are clear, use professional drain cleaning products and services.

    Whether you are experiencing a sewage problem or simply want to prevent an issue later on, consider a sewer inspection and diagnosis. Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating offers sewer inspection, installation, and repair services. For a list of new products, services, energy saving tips, or to schedule an appointment,  visit us on the Web  today or call – (510) 843-6904.

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