• Don’t Underestimate the Water-Wasting Potential of a Dripping Faucet!

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    You should never take dripping faucets for granted. This seemingly small plumbing repair can have huge a huge impact on your home and the environment. Check out this faucet drip overview to learn just how much water waste a broken faucet can cause.

    • Potential Waste: The Environmental Protection Agency reports that home leaks account for over 10,000 gallons water waste every year. Furthermore, the EPA also reports that the United States could save an annual 1 trillion gallons of water if they dealt with faucet leaks. Faucets are a huge contributor to this water waste. Even an old faucet can have a huge impact on yearly water waste—you can expect to lose over 600 gallons annually from a single faucet drip. Rapid faucet leaks can even waste over 5 gallons each day and over 2000 gallons annually. The longer your faucet leak is unattended, the worse the problem is likely to become.
    • Prevention Tips: Make sure your home isn’t one of the 10% of households that waste nearly 100 gallons a day. Use the following tips to minimize faucet leak problems on your property. First, inspect the faucet’s washer and gasket on a monthly basis. Have these components replaced if part wear is causing the problem. Next, test your faucet once a week. This practice will let you catch small leaks before they get worse.  Finally, build a relationship with a reliable local plumber. You can schedule maintenance visits that will guarantee regular upkeep on your faucet. Plus, your trusted plumber can have faucet leaks fixed in a flash.

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  • Preventing Water Damage to Your Home

    Water damage is invasive, expensive to repair, and potentially hazardous to your health. The best way to deal with this maintenance nightmare is to avoid the damage altogether. This video from State Farm can show you how to keep your home safe from moisture intrusion .

    A major water leak can cause serious damage to your home overnight. The video suggests checking pipe and supply lines regularly for small signs of damage—even a tiny leak can eventually expand into a burst pipe. Water damage always escalates if taken for granted, so report these maintenance issues to a professional right away.

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  • WaterCop: A Basic Guide to this Home Flood-Prevention Technology


    Water leaks can cause enormous plumbing repair problems in your home. In fact, a surprise burst pipe could flood your home and cause severe structural damage. The WaterCop automatic water shutoff system helps to prevent floods even while you’re away. Read on for detailed information about this home-saving system.

    • System Overview: The WaterCop system is a brilliant answer to home flooding. Once the system has been installed, wireless sensors are able to determine if a flood has occurred in your home. These sensors can be placed near washing machines, water heaters, or refrigerators—any room with big appliances or exposed water pipes is a perfect spot for WaterCop sensors. A signal is sent from the detector to the WaterCop module installed to your water line and your water is automatically shut off.
    • WaterCop Benefits: There a several advantages that WaterCop can bring to your home. You won’t have to worry about flood damage, mold growth, and home repairs if WaterCop is online. Plus, WaterCop can help your home to conserve water despite plumbing damage. WaterCop is always on, so your home is protected while you sleep or are away on vacation.
    • Installation Options: WaterCop can help put home flood worries to rest, but the system can be installed in other locations too. WaterCop is a must for any business that uses a lot of water. Companies like laundry mats and dry cleaners should always have safeguards against flood damage.

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  • Reclaim, Rebuild, Reskill


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    Finding ways to save water doesn’t have to come at the cost of personal comfort. Check out the resources below to learn how you can reap the benefits of water heater and plumbing maintenance.

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