• Have a Safe Memorial Day!

    Have a safe Memorial Day. We are operating on a limited basis on Monday, but should be able to handle some emergency plumbing issues that may arise.

  • How Rainfall Affects Sewage Overflow

    In many cities, heavy rains can cause sewage overflow and create concerns for human and animal residents. Many drainage pipes are designed to transport both sewage and storm water to facilities for treatment. Too much rain, however, causes these pipes to overflow, spilling their contents into rivers and other natural water sources. Overflow into rivers can cause concerns for human health as well as for the ecosystem. This video explains the effects of rainfall on sewage overflow, and why it’s important to take precautions if you plan any water-based activities after a heavy rainfall. 

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  • Food Items that Should Be Left Out of Your Garbage Disposal

    Garbage disposals are a convenient way to clean up after a meal, but there are certain foods that are better relegated to the trash can. Putting the wrong food items down your drain can cause clogs, backups, and damage your disposal or your plumbing. Never pour grease, oil, or fat down the drain—these hot liquids solidify when they cool and cause drain troubles quickly. Vegetables that are stringy or starchy should also go in the trash rather than down the drain to avoid damaging or immobilizing your disposal’s mechanism. Pastas and rice expand with water, contributing to clogged disposals and drains. Coffee grounds can become caught in your disposal’s trap, slowing down or stopping drainage from your sink. Other items to avoid putting through your disposal include eggshells, bones, and fruit rinds, seeds, or pits.

    Dripping Water

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  • The Most Common Summer Plumbing Problems

    the throne

    Summer is a common time for homeowners to encounter plumbing problems and the undue stress they bring. Knowing how to handle some of the most common problems—and when it’s necessary to call in a professional plumber —can save you time and money. Take a look below at some of the most common summer plumbing problems in Berkeley and how to deal with them.

    Running Toilet
    If you have summertime company, your bathroom is likely to be in more demand than ever. A running toilet is not only annoying, it can waste up to 200 gallons of water per day. Running toilets are most often caused by defective or broken flappers, which cause the tank to continually fill and increase the risk of developing a leak. A plumber can easily evaluate and replace the flapper if needed.

    Sewer Backup
    Most Berkeley homes still have their original sewer lateral connections, many of which date back to the 1950s. Over time, wear and tear to sewer pipes and connections can result in seepage or overflow of wastewater onto your property and into your home. If you notice a foul odor coming from your plumbing or have found wastewater seepage, contact a plumber to determine the extent of the repairs needed.

    Clogged Garbage Disposal
    It’s important to remember after warm weather cookouts that not all food waste can go down the disposal. Hot grease, fats, oils , just-add-water foods (such as instant potatoes), and pastas all contribute to clogged disposals and drains. Never put corn husks or watermelon rinds down the disposal, either. If your disposal or sink drain becomes clogged, try running cold water through it to clear it. If the clog persists, have a professional plumber inspect the unit.

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  • Getting Your Plumbing Ready for the Summer Months

    Shower with running water drops

    As spring transitions into summer, it’s important to prepare your plumbing for warmer weather. Taking a few simple steps can save you money, conserve resources, and ensure your home’s plumbing stays in good shape. Always contact a plumbing service promptly to repair or clean any clogged or broken pipes, drains, and hardware.

    Check Your Washing Machine
    Check your washer to ensure it’s in good condition, including all hoses and plumbing connections. Keep the back of your washer at least four inches from the wall to prevent kinking—and breakage—of the tubes.

    Adjust Your Water Heater
    Set your water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or less. This not only prevents scalding, but reduces the amount of energy your home uses. If you are going on vacation for more than a few days, turn the temperature dial down to low or vacation setting to further conserve power.

    Replace Shower Heads
    If your shower heads show mineral buildup, try soaking the fixture in vinegar overnight before scrubbing with a soft toothbrush to remove deposits. Consider replacing older shower heads with newer low-flow models to save water without sacrificing water pressure.

    Inspect Your Basement and Attic
    Check your basement and attic for signs of leaks or standing water, which can cause damage and promote mold and insect growth in warm weather. Check all drip pans and ductwork for condensation and call a plumber if you find signs of leaks or flooding.

    Clean Gutters, Drains, and Pipes
    Make sure all your home’s gutters, drains, and pipes are clear of mud, leaves, and other debris. It’s especially important to check these after spring or summer rainstorms, as debris can accumulate and clog drains quickly, leading to flooding or water backups.

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