• What to Do if You Notice Sewage Backup in Your Home

    Sewage backups can occur in pipes housed within the home or pipes running from the home to the main sewage line on the street. For those who use a septic sewage treatment system, backup can occur in the pipes or in the septic tank. Since sewage backups can lead to the unsanitary spread of wastewater, it is important to take several precautions upon discovery of a backup.

    If you notice that there is a sewage backup in your home, you should contact a plumber  immediately. Until the plumber can get out to your place, refrain from running any water in your home. This means that you cannot take a shower, wash the dishes, do the laundry, or flush any toilets. 

    flooding bathroom

    After inspecting your sewage infrastructure, a plumber will rectify the backup and you will be able to resume using running water as normal. If you live in Alameda or Berkeley and think that there is a sewage backup on your property, call Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating at (510) 843-6904 for a thorough sewer inspection and any drain cleaning or plumbing repair services you require.

  • Signs of a Problem in Neighborhood Sewer Pipes


    Sewage backups are common, but they should be attended to immediately upon discovery. When left uncorrected, they can cause a host of other problems. To get a feel for the problems that can arise when a septic tank overflows or there is a leak in a sewer main, check out this news clip.

    In it, residents of a San Benito neighborhood where sewage streamed down streets and overflowed onto lawns are interviewed about their experience. Foul odors were just one part of their plight. Homeowners in this neighborhood had lengthy exposure to several sanitation related health hazards.

    When sewer main issues arise, it can take days for municipal officials to become aware of and respond to problems. If your lawn is inexplicably wet and smelly or you have another reason to believe that there is a problem with your sewer main or septic system, call Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating at (510) 843-6904. We serve residents and businesses throughout Alameda, Berkeley, and Contra Costa counties. 

  • Preventing the Most Common Causes of Clogged Drains

    Pulling hair from a drain

    From the shower floor to the kitchen sink, there are several locations in the home where a clogged drain may occur. Clogged drains not only cause water to accumulate in a basin more quickly, making showering less enjoyable and hand washing dishes more time-consuming. They also cause unpleasant odors and sometimes serve as precursors to more serious plumbing problems . By familiarizing yourself with the most common causes of clogged drains and taking steps to ensure that your drains do not fall victim to them, you can prevent almost all clogged drains in your home.

    Food Scraps
    Pasta, rice, well-cooked veggies, and other bits of food can sneak through your sink stopper and into your drain, where they can eventually cause a clog. This type of clog can be avoided by taking care to remove all food scraps from your dishes before running them under the sink faucet.

    The shower drain’s worst enemy, hair is responsible for an inordinate number of clogged drains each year. Investing in a finely vented drain stopper and using it is the best method of prevention against hair-clogged drains.

    Mineral Buildup
    Over time, lime scale and other mineral buildup can accumulate inside your pipes and cause a clog. This type of cause is commonplace, but can be avoided by slowly pouring a mixture of baking soda and boiling water down your drains once every three or four months.

    Lost Objects
    Occasionally, small trinkets, toys, or accessories find their way down the drain. To prevent children’s rubber balls, hair clips, and wedding bands from working their way down your drains, use drain covers wherever and whenever possible.

    If you find that a drain in your home is clogged, you can try to clean out the drain and unclog it yourself. After ascertaining that the source of the clog lies deep in the pipe, contact a plumbing professional for assistance. To schedule an appointment with an experienced plumber who serves Alameda, Berkeley, and Contra Costa counties, simply call Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating at (510) 843-6904.

  • Berkeley Duct Cleaning from Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating

    We performed our first whole house duct cleaning today with the Hepa filter equipped system from Abatement Technology. Do you know what's lurking in those ducts

    We performed our first whole house duct cleaning today with the Hepa filter equipped system from Abatement Technology. Do you know what’s lurking in those ducts?

  • Examining the Dangers of Sewer Backups

    e. coli

    Waste water treatment is essential to the convenient and hygienic lives that we live, but the waste that funnels through our pipes on its way to the main line or a property septic tank for processing is rather disgusting. In addition to smelling foul and spreading unwanted contaminated water, sewage backups pose a number of health hazards to those who are exposed to the sewage leaking from pipes or stuck in our plumbing fixtures as a result of the backup. These health risks include:

    Inhalation Dangers
    Ingesting backed up sewage poses an array of health problems, but even inhalation of air that is contaminated by sewage can aggravate allergies and cause illness. Sewage backup can also result in difficulty breathing for asthmatics, who are also more prone to attack in such unsanitary environments.

    E. coli
    Sewage that contains Escherichia coli bacteria can spread various strains of this nasty bug to humans who come into contact with it. Most strains of E. coli are harmless, but some are serious and a few can even be fatal. Caustic diarrhea and abdominal cramps are symptoms of E. coli infection.

    Contact with overflowed, spilled, or backed up sewage can cause several other gastrointestinal problems. One of these, gastroenteritis, causes nausea and vomiting, as well as bloody diarrhea. Severe cases of gastroenteritis require medical attention.

    Open wounds, no matter how small, should be handled with the utmost care around sewage backup. Do not go near the sewage unless your wound is well-protected, and wash and redress any wounds that are accidentally exposed to the wastewater. Failure to do so may result in infection.

    Most sewage backups can be prevented with proper care and routine maintenance from a plumbing professional. If pipes in your home seem to be clogged, your access to a main sewage line has been cut; or your septic tank is backed up, you should contact a plumber immediately. For prompt and effective service from a reputable plumbing solutions provider in the Berkeley area, call Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating at (510) 843-6904.

  • Do You Need a Drain Cleaning?

    Down The Drain

    Your home’s plumbing system requires regular maintenance and  drain cleaning . Running hot water down your drains on a weekly basis is a good way to help them stay clean, but occasionally they will need attention from a professional plumber. Knowing when it’s time to have your drains cleaned can help you stay on top of maintenance.

    • Odor
      You should not experience excessive foul odors from any of your drains. When properly cleaned and maintained, sewer gases do not come out of your drains. Odors can point to a buildup of sludge inside your pipes. This can sometimes be cleaned by using a solution of  vinegar and baking soda  as well as hot water. Your plumber can give your drains a thorough and professional cleaning.

    Think you need a drain cleaning? Learn more about the other signs by  clicking here —  or by giving us a call at (510) 843-6904.