• Exploring the Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

    Benefits of tankless water heater When it comes to a home water heater installation in Berkeley, many people are choosing to go with tankless water heaters. However, it is always important to research your options before making any final plumbing decisions. Keep reading to explore the benefits of tankless water heaters.


    If going green is of particular importance to you and the members of your household, purchasing a tankless water heater constitutes a step in the right direction. Unlike tank water heaters that keep their contents heated at all times, tankless water heaters only require the power it takes to heat your water when it is needed. These units are not susceptible to standby heat loss, and electric models will not emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Just like other types of energy-efficient appliances, tankless water heaters can also help you save money on your energy bills; many even come with tax rebates.


    Energy efficiency and longevity tend to go hand in hand in that appliances that make a more productive use of energy are not quickly worn down. When compared with tank water heaters, tankless units may last up to a decade longer . This means that you will enjoy an extra decade of high efficiency water heating; since these units help you save money, you will save more and more as you continue to use them.


    Tankless water heaters are simply more convenient than their alternative. They can be installed outdoors, under cabinets, or on walls close to where they are needed. You will never have to worry about running out of hot water or experiencing floods from faulty tanks, and you can operate most tankless water heaters via remote control.

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  • Sizing an AC Unit

    In order to adequately cool your living space, you will need to find the right sized AC unit in Berkeley. Watch this video for assistance in sizing an AC unit.

    When you purchase a room air conditioner, simply compare the square footage of your room with the capacity of the air conditioner. When it comes to outside units that cool the whole house, you will need to consider the square footage of your entire house as well as factors that may influence indoor temperature, such as the amount of windows in your home and the sunlight that shines through them.

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