• Do You Need to Replace Your Water Heater?

    Your hot water heater is a very necessary home appliance, keeping you stocked with a ready supply of hot water. If you ask any plumber, he or she will tell you that during standard usage, most household water heaters have a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. However, depending on the make and model of your heater, as well as how hard it is working, you may find that it could break down well before it is supposed to. Knowing when to replace your unit may not be as obvious as you think. Here are some ways to help you determine whether to keep or to replace.

    Diagnose the Issue

    There are several apparent reasons why you should replace your water heater . First off, the condition and age of your unit are important to note. Next, check for leaks. Pooling water near or around your unit may be a sign of a major problem. Also, consider your current financial situation—can you afford to replace your unit or can you only afford a temporary repair?

    Examine Your Water

    When trying to determine whether or not to replace your hot water heater, use your senses to test the reserved water within your tank. Look to see if the water is muddy, rusty, or full of sediment, which indicates that your water heater is not functioning correctly. Smell the water for foul odors. If feasible, taste the water—if you detect a metallic taste, your unit is failing or close to failing.

    Be Mindful of Other Signs

    Getting to know how your water heater properly works can really help you to make the right decision. Be aware of these other signs of abnormality: broken thermostat, flickering pilot lights on gas powered models, malfunctioning heating or burner elements, sticking or stuck valves, and electrical issues on electric water heaters.

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  • Improving the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner

    During the hot summer months, air conditioners tend to be constantly running. To ease the strain on your AC unit, be sure that it is properly cleaned and maintained every year. Also, consider not running your air conditioner during peak usage hours, such as between the hours of 1:00pm and 8:00pm, when energy costs can skyrocket and electrical overload can occur.

    Check out this video to learn some helpful tips on how to save money on your power bill when running your AC. One proactive measure is to contact your local power company to ask if it offers any energy-efficiency incentives.

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  • Air Filtration 101

    If you have an AC unit, you have probably cleaned or replaced its filter many times. However, have you actually thought of why you need a filter for your air conditioner? Ultimately, the answer is that it has to do with maintaining good air quality inside your home. That is why modern central AC systems utilize disposable filter media, which are supposed to be changed every two to three months.

    Since your HVAC system uses fans and ducts to move air throughout your home, it makes sense that your system should have safeguards against circulating harmful particles inside your home. Depending on their quality and specifications, air filters are made to trap air pollutants and allergens such as mold spores, bacteria, dust, fungi, pollen, and animal dander. These particles can potentially cause adverse health effects, especially for those who have chronic respiratory diseases.

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  • Summer Maintenance for Your Home’s AC System

    Your AC system tends to run nonstop during the warm summer months to keep your home’s indoor air temperature at a cool and comfortable level. Implementing a routine maintenance schedule will help you keep your system running as efficiently as possible. Remember to be proactive. You should not wait until the summer to start your HVAC maintenance plan. Instead, organize ahead to ensure that your AC unit functions properly throughout its working season.

    Replace Your Filters

    To guarantee that your AC unit is running in tiptop shape, replace its dirty, disposable filters at least once every two months. Filters that are clogged with dust and debris can inhibit airflow and overburden your AC’s main fan, which could cause its motor to burn out. This problem triggers a domino effect that will most definitely cause your entire system to seize. Additionally, by keeping your air filters clean, you will effectively maintain optimal indoor air quality within your home.

    Clean and Protect Your System

    Make sure that all of your AC system’s parts are in good working order. Routinely inspect the network of ducts running throughout your home, and then have a trained HVAC technician perform a diagnostic checkup of your ductwork—he or she will be able to detect blockages or fissures that you may not. Remove any leaves and debris from your unit’s outdoor condenser , as well as from its external vents. Also, provide it with some form of protection from the sun. Shading your condenser can increase your AC unit’s overall efficiency.

    Check Moving Parts

    Over time, your system’s moving parts will begin to wear down. With certain parts that can be replaced or repaired, like fan belts or fan blades, be sure that you are aware of their condition. For example, fan belts that become too worn will snap, thus shutting down your entire AC unit.

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