• Spotting the Signs of a Bad Water Heater

    It will be very difficult for you and your family to survive in your home without a hot water heater, so if your water heater is starting to get old, you should begin looking for signs that might indicate that it is going bad. By spotting these signs before your water heater gives out on you completely, you can arrange to have it replaced at your convenience as opposed to waiting until it becomes an emergency. You should seriously consider having new water heater installation done today if you have seen any of these signs lately.

    Your Water Looks Rusty

    When a water heater goes bad, it will often start to distribute the sediment that is built up inside of it throughout your home. When this happens, your water will appear rusty and will have a metallic taste to it. Anytime you notice that the water in your home is anything but clear, you should call a plumber and have him or her investigate. You might need to have a new water heater installed.

    Your Water Heater Is Making Sounds

    Your water heater will likely make some sounds when it is heating up water, but if those sounds are growing louder or, worse, if your hot water heater is making sounds that it didn’t used to make, you should call on a plumber to investigate them for you. A plumber may be able to do water heater repair to fix the cause of the sounds, but you may also need to think about installing a new water heater.

    Your Water Heater Is Leaking

    If you’re looking for the clearest sign that you have an issue with your water heater, this is it. Before a water heater gives out completely, it will begin leaking . You should call a plumbing company immediately if your water heater starts leaking to prevent water from spilling out everywhere.

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  • What to Know About Home Heating

    Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t spend much time thinking about their heating systems before they begin using them at the start of the winter season. However, it’s important to maintain your heating and to have your system serviced regularly to keep your costs down and to allow your heating system to run as efficiently as it possibly can.

    Watch this video to hear how you should be taking care of your heating system on a routine basis. If you fail to maintain your HVAC system, you will likely end up paying more than you should for heating in the long run and reduce the lifespan of your system as a whole.

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  • Comparing Tankless and Demand-Type Water Heaters

    If you are looking into replacing your current water heater with a new one, you should think about installing a tankless water heater , also known as a demand-type water heater, in your home. Tankless water heaters don’t take up as much space as water heaters with a tank, and they will allow you to get access to hot water whenever you need it on demand. Before you call a plumber and ask for help with a tankless water heater installation, you should think about which type of tankless heater you want. Here are several factors to consider.

    Energy Source

    There are gas tankless water heaters as well as electric tankless water heaters, so the first thing you will need to do is decide which option will be best for your home . You will need to vent a gas tankless water heater properly, but it will allow you to produce a much better water flow than an electric tankless water heater will. Meanwhile, you may need to add a circuit breaker to your home if you decide to go with an electric tankless water heater.


    The great thing about tankless water heaters is that they are significantly smaller than water heaters with tanks. Tankless water heaters come in different shapes and sizes, though, so you will need to pick one that will fit in the area of your home where you plan on installing it.


    How much do you want to spend on your tankless water heater? Gas and electric tankless water heaters come with different costs, and you will also need to factor in the cost of the installation for each one before settling on the one you want. You will need to pay to have a gas tankless water heater vented, and you may need to update your electrical system to accommodate an electrical tankless water heater.

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