• Signs Your Water Heater Is About to Fail

    You should contact an experienced plumber at the first indication that you need water heater repair . Without regular maintenance, your hot water heater is not likely to last as long as it could otherwise. Here are some warning signs that your hot water heater is about to fail.

    It Distributes Rusty Water

    If the water coming out of your taps is brown, yellowish, or rust-colored, the interior of your hot water heater might be rusted or corroded. Once your hot water heater becomes corroded, it will develop small holes and cracks and begin leaking. Water heater leaks can significantly increase your water, gas, or electric bills. A plumber who specializes in leak detection and water heater repair may be able to salvage your water heater.

    It Makes Strange Noises

    It’s normal for hot water heaters to make a bubbling or gurgling noise as water flows into the tank and is heated. If your water heater is making loud banging or rumbling sounds, it may be in need of water heater repair. As water heaters age, they develop sediment on the bottom of the tank. This sediment hardens, interfering with the efficiency of the water heating process. When a water heater is less efficient, it requires more time to heat water, causing wear and tear, cracks, holes, and brittle metal.

    It’s Leaking

    A water heater can develop water leaks due to old age, rust, inefficiency, or damage to the tank. Your hot water heater might only leak when the metal tank is warm and is expanding. When the tank cools, the leaks may close up. If you notice water around the base of the hot water heater, you should hire a plumber to perform leak detection.

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  • Maintaining a Safe Water Heater

    If you carefully maintain your hot water heater and seek water heater repairs when necessary, your water heater will remain efficient, effective, and safe. Water heaters that are rusted, corroded, or have faulty heating systems or electrical components can quickly become a major health and safety hazard in your home.

    Watch this video to learn more about maintaining a safe hot water heater. If you’re frequently calling an emergency plumber for water heater repairs, and your gas or electric bills have significantly increased, it may be time to consider a new water heater installation.

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  • Getting the Most Out of Your HVAC System

    After installing an HVAC system, you should learn about the maintenance and repairs required to preserve your AC and heating system . Regular inspections, duct cleaning, and air filtration maintenance will ensure your HVAC system is operating efficiently, and your home’s indoor air quality remains healthy. Here are some great tips for getting the most out of your HVAC system.

    Perform Preventative Maintenance

    It’s important to perform preventative AC and furnace maintenance to reduce your need for AC and furnace repairs. An HVAC technician should visit your home every spring and fall to inspect and repair your AC and heating system for use. He should inspect the HVAC system for defects and damage, clean and replace air filters, perform air duct cleaning, check refrigerant levels, and test the system’s efficiency.

    Recognize Signs that Your HVAC System Needs Repair

    An AC or furnace can last about 15 years before it needs to be replaced. You may need occasional AC or furnace repairs during that time period. If you put off repairs, you’re more likely to need to replace your HVAC system early. Your HVAC system may need repair if your energy bills begin increasing, your home isn’t reaching a comfortable temperature, it takes much longer than usual to heat or cool your home, an element of the HVAC unit is making a strange noise, or vents aren’t blowing air or are blowing air at the wrong temperature.

    Know How to Maintain Air Quality and Prevent Mold

    It’s crucial to maintain indoor air quality to prevent health problems, allergy, and asthma. You can install an air cleaner and dehumidifier to reduce pollutants and prevent mold growth. You should also perform air duct cleaning and air filtration inspections regularly.

    If you’re in need of AC or furnace maintenance in Berkeley , come see us at Albert Nahman Plumbing and Heating. Our experienced HVAC technicians can perform AC and furnace repairs, inspection, and testing to ensure that your cooling and heating systems are operating efficiently and effectively. To schedule professional HVAC services, call us today at (510) 843-6904.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get a New Furnace

    There are lots of things most people would rather spend their money on than a new furnace, but putting off the inevitable will only cost you more in the long run. For one thing, an old furnace that is past its expected life will only get less efficient over time. This means the longer you put off buying a replacement, the more expensive your heating costs will be. Old furnaces are also liable to break down at any moment, and even after getting repaired something else can go wrong and require additional repairs, and so on and so forth until you’re forced to buy a new furnace anyways but with hundreds or thousands of dollars extra sunk into your old unit.

    Get in touch with a furnace installation company in Berkeley today to get a quote on a new furnace and learn about the extra money you’ll save thanks to the more energy-efficient performance of a new furnace. For additional information, call Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating at (501) 843-6904.