• Tips for Maintaining Your HVAC System

    No matter the time of year, you should always keep your HVAC system maintained for optimal heating and cooling. This regular maintenance can keep your energy bills lower, as well as keep you and your family comfortable year-round. Thankfully, there are some simple tips to keeping your HVAC in good running order without breaking your wallet.

    Change Your Filters

    Changing your filters regularly could mean the difference between a high or low energy bill. Your filters collect dust and dirt as air runs through them. The more dust the filter collects, the more clogged it becomes. As it becomes clogged, your HVAC system is having to work twice as hard to keep up proper circulation and ventilation. Set a date to check your filters every few months. They may need to be replaced that often, or they may be clean enough to hold out another few months. The dirtier it looks, though, the sooner you should replace them.

    Make Regular Inspections

    Every six months, you should check your heating and cooling units. Make sure the fans and belts are working properly and have no tears or damages. If belts look misaligned or the fans seem to be running the wrong way, call your HVAC company for a maintenance and repair appointment.

    Clean and Repair Ductwork

    Ductwork is similar to your filters. If it’s not clean, it’s not working as well, and it’s bringing dust and dirt into your home. You should always have the ducts checked for air leaks or equipment failure. This might mean screws or the ductwork itself is out of alignment. Schedule an appointment with your heating company to have your ducts inspected every 1-2 years.

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  • Troubleshooting Garbage Disposal Problems

    If your garbage disposal isn’t working, and the reset button hasn’t solved the problem, there is a very simple way to unclog it. In case the issue still isn’t resolved, though, call your plumber for a more detailed inspection.

    After unplugging your disposal, look inside with a small flashlight. Do not use your hands if anything is stuck; instead, use long pliers to take the big items out. Then, use an Allen wrench in the small hole at the bottom of the garbage disposal; move the wrench and loosen the blades. Hit the reset button again, plug the disposal in, and it should be working.

    When you’re in need of a Berkeley plumber , call Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating at (510) 843-6904. We can perform any plumbing service you need, from water heaters to water leaks.

  • Getting Your Plumbing Ready for the Summer

    Whenever people say “get your pipes ready,” you may think they’re only talking about the winter months. However, summer can do as much damage to your pipes as winter can. Plumbers don’t really have an “off-season” because your pipes are constantly working and always in need of service to run at maximum capacity. Here are a few things your plumber wants you to look for this summer.

    Watch Out for Roots

    “April showers bring May flowers” and also summer trees! Tree roots are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to damaged pipes and plumbing problems in the summer. Spring rains have soaked the ground—which can do its own damage to your pipes—and the trees have drunk up that water and started growing their roots out farther and farther. When the roots encounter pipes, they may be able to go around, but often they’ll go straight through. Pipes can crack, burst, or become clogged with these roots, and you’re in for a heavy plumbing and landscaping bill. Consider planting trees and bushes away from the main pipes or calling your plumber for pipe maintenance advice.

    Keep the Disposal Clear

    Unfortunately, many people think they can put almost anything into a garbage disposal. This isn’t true, and you can severely damage your disposal and pipes if you put the wrong foods and items in it. Many summer foods, such as corn husks and summer vegetables shouldn’t be put in a disposal. Also, oils and fats should never be put down any drain or the garbage disposal.

    Keep an Eye on Hoses

    You haven’t watered the flowers all winter, but with summer on the way, you need to break out the water hose. Check your hoses inside and outside for any leaks and holes. Also, keep an eye on your faucets and pipes for cracks.

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  • Shopping for a New Furnace

    If your furnace is old, or frequently in need of furnace repairs, you need a new furnace installation. When shopping for a new furnace, you must consider its size, efficiency, and fuel source. You can purchase a furnace through a manufacturer, retail store, or an AC and heating system dealer. You should always hire a licensed and insured professional for furnace installation, however.

    Your new furnace must be large enough to efficiently and effectively heat every room in your home. You should also compare the energy efficiency ratings of different furnace types and brands to find one that can save you the most money on your heating costs. Additionally, the furnace’s fuel source is important. You can opt for an electric, gas, or solar powered furnace. Your energy savings will depend upon the utility rates in your region for your furnace’s fuel source.

    If you’re in need of professional furnace installation near Berkeley , come see us at Albert Nahman Plumbing and Heating. Our heating system technicians can help you find the perfect furnace for your home, and perform expert furnace installation. To schedule a visit to discuss furnace replacement, call us today at (510) 843-6904.