• Tips for Reducing Your Heating Costs This Season

    Winter is here, which means it’s time to turn your thermostat up to keep your home cozy. For many homeowners, than can mean an increase in utility costs. The good news is that there are steps you can take to reduce your heating costs throughout the cold season. Here are a few tips to help you keep your furnace running smoothly and efficiently this winter.

    Seal Leaks in Your Home

    Gaps in the exterior-facing walls of your home let heated air escape and cold, outside air in. This means that your furnace will have to work harder to keep your home at the right temperature, so in addition to drafty rooms, you’ll have to deal with high utility bills. Check for leaks around your chimney, pipes that exit your home, windows, and doors. These are all areas where gaps are common. Sealing these leaks will help you avoid spending more than you should to heat your home this winter.

    Use Windows Wisely

    The windows in your home can both provide additional heat and allow for heat loss, so it’s up to you to use them wisely. South-facing windows will receive the greatest amount of sunlight, so keep the curtains open on these windows to let sunlight in during the day—just don’t forget to close the curtains at night. Keep other curtains closed, especially in rooms you don’t use often, and cover any drafty windows with plastic film to keep cold air out.

    Schedule a Heating Tune-Up

    Heating systems tend to lose efficiency and experience performance issues with time, especially if they aren’t maintained on a regular basis. Scheduling a furnace tune-up is a great way to ensure that there are no issues with your heating unit. If a problem is found, it can be addressed before it becomes worse or even leads to furnace failure.

    Do you need to schedule a heating tune-up or furnace repair? Call Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating today at (510) 843-6904 to get started. We provide a range of HVAC and plumbing services in Berkeley, and can help you keep your home comfortable throughout the year.

  • How to Spot Toilet Plumbing Leaks

    Water leaks not only mean plumbing repairs—they can also lead to the need for structural and aesthetic repairs in your home, especially if the leaks are not addressed right away. Watch this video clip to learn about toilet plumbing leaks and how to spot them.

    One way to check for a toilet leak is to set toilet paper on the floor around your toilet—if you later notice that the toilet paper is damp, then your toilet is leaking. Other signs of a plumbing leak are a musty smell, buckling floors, and damaged wallpaper.

    If you are concerned about a plumbing leak, call Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating at (510) 843-6904. We provide plumbing service in Berkeley , in addition to furnace repairs and HVAC maintenance.

  • Answering Common Questions about New Furnace Installation

    If you’re worried about the quality or condition of your furnace, it may be time to schedule new furnace installation. With a new furnace, your family will be able to enjoy improved heating and efficiency throughout the coldest time of the year. Continue reading to learn the answers to a few common questions about furnace installation .

    When Should I Get a New Furnace?

    You may be wondering if it is actually time to get a new furnace. One of the best indicators that it’s time to schedule furnace installation is if your furnace is more than 12 years old. Past this age, your furnace will be more likely to break down and may begin to provide reduced performance and efficiency. Other signs that indicate it’s time to consider getting a new furnace are high energy use, noisy performance, and inconsistent or uneven heating.

    How Do I Choose a New Furnace?

    There are a variety of furnaces available today, so it’s important to take the time to review your needs and the options that will meet them. First, determine what size furnace you need. Choosing one that is too small can result in uneven heating and a furnace that has to run continuously to heat your home, while getting a unit that is too large can waste energy. Next, evaluate the energy efficiency ratings of different units. Choosing an ENERGY STAR-certified furnace is a great way to ensure that you are getting an efficient unit that will reduce your carbon footprint and save you money on your utility bills.

    How Long Does Furnace Installation Take?

    Furnace installation is generally a short process. As long as the existing ductwork is still in good condition and no changes need to be made to it, furnace installation should take a single day. If an old unit needs to be removed, that may increase the installation time. If you choose a unit that requires changes to your ductwork, the installation process may take several days to complete.

    Are you ready to replace your furnace? At Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating , we provide services for AC and heating in Berkeley and are ready to help. To get the answers to your questions about furnace installation, furnace repair, or other HVAC services, give us a call at (510) 843-6904.

  • When Is it Time to Consider Water Heater Replacement?

    Your home’s water heater plays a critical role in keeping your family comfortable and your household running efficiently. With everything from hot showers to your dishwashing cycles regularly making use of hot water, having a water heater that works optimally is important. Continue reading to learn when it’s time to consider replacing this appliance.

    One common reason that homeowners choose to upgrade to a new water heater is to invest in their home and improve its overall efficiency. If your current water heater is reaching the end of its lifespan, then consider installing a new model or switching to a tankless system to help reduce your home’s overall energy usage. Also, if you find that your unit requires regular water heater repair to function properly, then it’s time to consider investing in a new unit.

    Albert Nahman Plumbing and Heating offers expert tankless water heater installation and water heater repairs in Berkeley. To schedule an appointment, please give us a call today at (510) 843-6904.

  • Signs That Your Furnace Is in Need of Repairs

    Now that cool weather has arrived, ensuring that your home’s heating system is in good condition should be considered essential. If your furnace exhibits any of the following warning signs, then consider contacting an HVAC technician about repairs:

    Your furnace is getting old.

    In some cases, you may not notice any obvious problems as your heating system begins to decline. Your furnace is designed to last for 10 to 15 years so, if yours has passed the decade mark, then it could be time to schedule repairs and maintenance to help ensure that the furnace is working properly and efficiently.

    Your furnace makes a lot of noise.

    While you can’t expect your furnace to run in complete silence, it should not make strange sounds or operate too noisily. If you hear banging noises, clanging sounds, or loud rumblings when your heater turns on, then you could benefit from calling a technician about furnace repair.

    Your house never gets warm enough.

    When you set your thermostat to a reasonable temperature, your heater should be able to meet the setting and warm your house consistently. If you find yourself frequently adjusting your thermostat to try to warm your home to a comfortable level, then there is a chance that your furnace isn’t working properly.

    Your electric bills have risen.

    When a furnace is running inefficiently, it requires more energy than necessary to warm your home. Heating accounts for a significant portion of the average household’s cold weather electric usage, so an increase in your energy costs is yet another sign that something could be wrong with your furnace.

    You’ve noticed a decrease in indoor air quality.

    Finally, if anyone in your family is experiencing allergies or breathing problems while in your home, then this can indicate that something is wrong with your furnace. If your home’s indoor air quality is reduced, then consider having an HVAC technician inspect your furnace.

    Is your furnace exhibiting any of these warning signs? If so, then contact Albert Nahman Plumbing and Heating today by calling (510) 843-6904. We specialize in expert repairs and replacements for heating in Berkeley .