• Is It Time to Remodel Your Bathroom?

    If you’re getting tired of the design or you’re losing efficiency in your bathroom, talk to your plumbing pros about remodeling . Renovating your bathroom can make it more efficient, especially if it was old to begin with. New appliances will only help, and the renovation as a whole can help you sell your house. Read on to see if it’s time to remodel your bathroom.

    Your Home Is Old

    Many of the materials we use to build homes and commercial buildings are different than they were just a couple of decades ago. The good news is that today’s materials should last longer and be safer and healthier than the materials we used in the past, but the bad news is that your house might still have those inefficient products inside. Older houses may contain lead, asbestos, and rot. Rusted pipes also present leaks, water damage, and other plumbing disasters. Remodeling your bathroom is a good idea if you want to replace your old plumbing elements.

    Appliances Drain Your Efficiency

    If your home is old, chances are the appliances inside are on the old side as well. Regular maintenance can stretch out your plumbing appliances’ lifespans, but it will never make them last forever. Think about upgrading to a new hot water heater or shower head if your efficiency keeps dropping. Your plumber would be happy to help you find new appliances that meet your energy needs, and you can walk away with a great return on your investment over time.

    You’re Selling Your House

    More often than not, the people who show up to your open house will be looking for a space that doesn’t need too much work. A renovation can update your bathroom’s aesthetics, fix problems, and make the room and household more efficient, so you can raise your asking price.

    Sometimes remodeling your bathroom is the best thing for your space, so call Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating at (510) 843-6904 if you’re looking to get yours started. We’ll make sure your Berkeley plumbing remains as efficient as possible while you make your changes, so you can avoid burst pipes and water leaks.

  • Don’t Ignore These Indicators of a Failing Furnace

    You need to know when it’s time for furnace repair or replacement, or you could find yourself without heat for an extended period of time. Heating systems will notify you when they’re on their way out, but you need to pick up on the signals. Watch this video and don’t ignore these indicators of a failing furnace.

    Furnaces fail due to improper installation, wrong sizing, and age, but they’ll give you a heads-up before they burn out completely. A failing furnace will increase your utility bills, and it typically won’t keep your home or business as warm as it should be. Repairs tend to become more frequent, and they may increase in price every time.

    Don’t wait to have your heating system repaired or replace. Instead, call Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating at (510) 843-6904. Furnace repair is one of the many HVAC services that our plumbing service in Berkeley has to offer.

  • Signs of Sewer Line Problems

    You shouldn’t take plumbing problems lightly, and you shouldn’t take your time before calling your plumber for repairs. Sewer line problems come with distinct symptoms like clogged drains and backed-up appliances, and they’re more likely to happen if you don’t maintain your system. Read on for a closer look at the signs of sewer line problems.


    When you try to flush too much stuff down your toilet and it ends up clogging, this doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s a problem with your sewer line. Drains are only meant to handle so much material at a time, so clogs will happen if you try to overload the appliance. On the other hand, if you use your appliances properly and take care of them but still experience clogs, the problem could indeed be coming from the sewer line.


    A backup is a clear sign that something is wrong with your sewer line. Water should never back up from one appliance when you use a different one, so if your tub starts filling up when you flush your toilet, you should talk to your plumber. This could mean that there’s an obstruction in the sewer line that’s causing backflow. If you don’t have your plumber fix the issue, you could end up with sewage flowing backwards into your bathroom. In addition to being uncomfortable and annoying, this is also unhealthy. Keep an eye out for clogs and backups so you know if you should be concerned.

    Lack of Maintenance

    Small plumbing problems become big plumbing problems when you don’t take care of your system. Using your plumbing fixtures correctly, having your plumber inspect your system on a regular basis, and taking care of repairs before they spiral out of control can all help you avoid sewer line problems and the messes they cause.

    Are you worried that you need sewer repair? Call Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating at (510) 843-6904 or browse through our website. Our Berkeley plumbing team can offer trenchless sewer repair, so we can fix the problem without tearing up your lawn.

  • How Much Water Does Your Family Use?

    Even environmentally responsible people need to use water to bathe, clean their clothes and dishes, and water their gardens. If you have a big family and you want to cut down on your water usage, remember to maintain your plumbing systems. Keep reading and think about how much water your family uses.

    Your household uses water both inside and outside of the house. You use it to take a shower, wash your hands, and keep your garden alive, and if you’re healthy, you probably drink a few glasses of it every day. A large family may go through hundreds of gallons of water on a daily basis, and unfortunately, much of this water goes to waste. Plumbing leaks and inefficient appliances also contribute to more waste, so have your plumber inspect your system and upgrade to more energy-efficient appliances in order to save water.

    Changing the way you use your Berkeley plumbing system can have a huge impact on the environment, and Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating can help you make a difference. Look at our plumbing and HVAC website or call us at (510) 843-6904 to learn how to use less water.