Questions and Answers About High-Efficiency Furnaces

Heating and cooling makes up a lot of the energy that your household uses, but efficient appliances will help you reduce both your energy use and the cost of your bills. If you’re looking for an efficient furnace, it’s important to know the difference between single and multi-stage units. Set up your furnace with the right type of filter and check its efficiency from time to time so you can make changes as necessary.

What are single and multi-stage furnaces?

Older furnaces tend to be single-stage, so they only have off and on modes. Multi-stage furnaces can offer heat at different rates, so the system will not be limited to these two basic settings. Variable-speed furnaces are even more efficient because they link to an automatic thermostat, so they can keep the temperature at the perfect level without wasting energy.

Which filters should I use?

Heating and cooling appliances need quality filters in order to protect your indoor air quality as well as your HVAC units. The best types of filters are the ones that can catch the most amount of dust and debris with the least amount of effort. There are two factors that can make a huge difference in this case: surface area and electrostatic charge. Pleated furnace filters have more surface area, so they can collect more of the particles that would end up in your indoor air. An electrostatic charge actually attracts contaminants to the filter, so it does an even better job of cleaning your air and boosting the efficiency of your furnace.

How can I tell how efficient my system is?

You need to be able to measure how efficient your heating system is if you want to save money and make your furnace last longer. If your energy bills keep climbing during the winter, your system is probably losing efficiency. Have your heating and AC contractor come over and inspect your system to see what could be improved.

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