• Why Does My Furnace Keep Cycling On and Off?

    When the temperatures dip outside, you rely on your furnace to keep your family comfortable and warm. However, things don’t always go as expected. Sometimes, you may switch your heating on and find that your furnace seems to be switching on and off, over and over again. Is the on/off cycling a sign of a problem, and when should you call your furnace repair service? Here are some of the potential explanations for furnaces turning on and off.  

    It’s colder outside than normal.  

    Furnaces are supposed to switch on and off, as they maintain the desired temperature for your home. In most cases, furnaces turn off and on between three and eight times every hour when you are running your heating. However, when temperatures fall below freezing, it’s normal for furnaces to turn on and off more often than normal. If the temperatures are colder than is typical for your area, you may notice the furnace going on and off more than you’re used to, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is an issue.  

    Your filter needs to be changed. 

    A dirty filter impacts your heating system’s efficiency, which in turn can cause your furnace to turn off and on more frequently. Ideally, you should change your air filters every 30 days. This will maximize the efficiency of your heating system while improving your indoor air quality.  

    Your thermostat needs to be moved.  

    Your thermostat should be in a place where it can’t be influenced by appliances that generate hot or cold air. If yours is close to the stove or dryer, for example, your furnace will go on and off more often than it should, because the thermostat doesn’t accurately reflect the interior temperature. 

    When problems occur with your heating, ignoring them could allow the damage to get worse, leading to more costly repairs. If you notice your furnace turning on and off more often than normal, call Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating. Our experienced team offers full furnace maintenance and repairs in Berkeley and can get your system back to top condition. To make an appointment, call (510) 843-6904.  

  • Why Your New Construction Home Needs an Air Duct Cleaning

    When you move into a new construction home, you may assume that everything is as clean as it can possibly be—after all, no one has ever lived in the home, so how could it be dirty? In reality, there is one part of your home that definitely needs to be cleaned, and that is your air ducts. Even though the heating and AC system in your home is new, your air ducts could be circulating pollutants throughout your home and contributing to poor air quality for you and your family.  

    The reason your air ducts need to be cleaned when you move into your home is that they are likely filled with dust and debris from the construction process. Everything from sawdust and drywall pieces to scraps from workers’ lunches can end up in your air ducts during construction and cause poor air quality. A thorough cleaning when you move in can prevent that from occurring.  

    Let Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating clean your air ducts and improve your indoor air quality in Berkeley. You can schedule a service call with our team today by calling (510) 843-6904.

  • The Importance of Seismic Gas Shut-Off Valves

    When earthquakes occur, much of the damage happens after the quake, when gas leaks trigger destructive fires. Your plumber can help you reduce the risk to your property by installing a seismic shut-off valve on your gas line.  

    Watch this video to learn more about these shut-off valves. They detect the shaking caused by an earthquake and shut off your gas supply so that a leak can’t occur and cause a fire in your home.  

    To learn more about seismic shut-off valves, contact Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating. We also offer comprehensive heating and AC repairs and plumbing service in Berkeley, including emergency services. Call (510) 843-6904 for more information.

  • Common Toilet Malfunctions and Their Causes

    Toilets get a lot of use in most households, so it’s not surprising that they are prone to problems. If something seems off with your toilet, the best strategy is to call your plumber as soon as possible. Addressing problems with your toilet when they happen instead of delaying your plumbing service call will help you prevent the problem from becoming worse and potentially leading to the need for more costly repairs. Here is a closer look at some of the most common toilet problems that plumbers see, and what usually causes them.  

    Flushing Problems 

    Several different problems can develop with the flushing mechanism of your toilet. If the flush on your toilet is weak, the problem could be its age. Toilets made between 1994 and 1997 are first-generation low water toilets, and they simply don’t work as well as newer models. Toilets older than 1994 with weak flushes could have hard water build-ups. If your toilet only flushes partially, the flapper could be closing too quickly or could be water logged. If flushing is slow, you likely have a partial clog that needs to be cleared before it becomes completely blocked.  

    Low Bowl Water Levels 

    If your bowl filled up to normal levels after your flush but then seems almost empty when you return to use it again, there may be a clog in the colon of the toilet that is letting water slowly escape the bowl. In other instances, there may be a small crack in the bowl that is allowing the water to drain.  

    Suction Sounds from Other Drains 

    Do you notice that other drains make a gurgling or suction sound every time you flush your toilet? Often, this is caused by a clog in your toilet vent pipe. Everything from a dead animal to a tennis ball can get caught in the vent pipe without your knowledge, which then leads to the sounds coming from other drains when you flush.  

    Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating offers plumbing services in Berkeley for jobs of all sizes, including emergency plumbing work. If you have a problem with your toilet, water heater, or another part of your plumbing system, call (510) 843-6904.