Exploring the Cost-Saving Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Repair 

Problems with sewer lines are something that no homeowner likes to face. The reason that homeowners dread sewer repairs so much is that they envision a disruptive, expensive process of digging up landscaping to locate the problem and make the necessary repairs. Fortunately, plumbers today have a different solution to offer: trenchless sewer repair. With trenchless repairs, your plumbers don’t have to dig up your yard to expose your entire sewer line and search for the issue before repairs can even begin. Instead, they can use video diagnostics and targeted repair techniques to pinpoint and fix the problem without destroying your landscaping in the process. Here is what you need to know about the process and how it saves you money.  

What exactly is trenchless sewer repair? 

Trenchless sewer repair is the process of diagnosing and fixing sewer line problems without digging large trenches. Your plumbers will dig a small access hole that allows them to thread a video camera into the sewer line and find the cause of the problem. Then, repairs can be made through the access point. Hydro jetting can be performed to clear clogs, while pipe liners can be inserted to fix problems with leaks.  

What are the benefits of trenchless repairs? 

One of the most costly parts of sewer line repairs before trenchless repairs was the damage done to landscaping. In the past, digging up yards and breaking up decks, patios, and walkways was common. So, after the plumbing work was done, homeowners also head to deal with the costs of those repairs. With trenchless sewer repairs, that cost is no longer a concern. Trenchless repairs with camera inspections also allow plumbers to find small problems in pipes before they become bigger issues, saving money on repair costs. 


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