Tips for Operating and Maintaining a Ductless Mini Split

Are you thinking about getting a ductless mini split? This high-efficiency home comfort device is the perfect solution for both heating and cooling without the need for ductwork. Ductless units function as miniature heat pumps, with a compressor located outside your home and one or more air handlers mounted to interior ceilings or walls. The sleek jacket covering the indoor component helps it blend in with your décor rather than drawing attention to itself. 

Perhaps you recently had a ductless mini split installed, and now you want to know the best tips for taking care of your new heating and cooling system. Of course, the first step is to leave the installation work to a professional. Drilling a hole in the wall to connect the indoor and outdoor componentssetting up refrigerant lines, and making changes to your electrical wiring all require industry knowledge and experience. 

Once the installation is completeyou’re left to operate and maintain the ductless mini split correctly. If you take proper care of the unit, you can expect it to last up to 15 years. Here’s what you need to do. 

  • Clean the filter regularly: Filtration is necessary to keep airborne particles off the delicate inner workings of a ductless mini split. Most wall-mounted air handlers have tabs to ease the process of removing the filter. Clean or change it once a month, or according to the manufacturer’s directions, to promote good airflow. 
  • Maintain the compressor: Keeping the outdoor unit in good condition is as simple as hosing it down every couple of months to remove caked-on dirt and grass clippings. If you spot any bent fins while cleaning, straighten them with a fin comb. You should also trim back vegetation to at least two feet for optimal airflow.  
  • Check the drainage: During the summeryour ductless mini split operates in cooling mode, removing both heat and humidity from the air. Check the outdoor unit occasionally to ensure it’s draining properly. If you don’t notice any condensate, call a technician to schedule an inspection. 
  • Set the temperature correctly: Ductless systems are easy to control using a wireless remote. Adjust the temperature until the built-in thermostat displays your desired setting. Then, the unit will maintain the temperature to within one degree. Set the fan to “auto” rather than “on” to maximize energy efficiency. 
  • Reset a faulty remote: If your remote ever becomes unresponsivefix it by pressing the reset button located at the bottom. If that doesn’t do the trick, reach out to a technician for help. 

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