• AC Maintenance Tips for the Summer

    If you haven’t already, you may need to start cranking up the air conditioning in your home as temperatures outside rise. After your AC has been off all winter, you should perform some routine checks. Here are some easy maintenance tips to keep your AC running efficiently throughout the summer.

    • Change the air filters when they are dirty. Looking at the air filters is the first step to every AC maintenance or repair problem. Depending on how dirty your air filters get, you should only have to change them once or twice a year. However, sometimes air quality is low, so the air filter may need to be changed every month while the AC is running. This is especially true when there is an influx of dust and other irritants in the air.
    • Call your heating and cooling company to perform a maintenance check and cleaning of the entire system. Each year your AC goes without a professional cleaning, it can lose about 1% of its efficiency, causing you to pay more in utility costs for the same level of cooling.
    • Do routine checks throughout the summer. Make sure your thermostat is working, as well as the AC unit itself.

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