• What Could Be in Your Air Ducts?

    Your AC and heating systems, alongside the air ducts they work with, have everything to do with the air quality in your home or commercial building. You might be surprised at what could be contaminating your airways and your indoor air quality. Keep reading to find out what could be in your air ducts.

    A few different types of contaminants are commonly found in air ducts. Dust and debris that naturally exist in your home may be swept into your ductwork via your HVAC systems, which may be a problem for people with respiratory issues. You might also have rodents and other pests living in your air ducts, which could be even more problematic. Pests and the waste they leave behind can contaminate your air ducts; this is especially dangerous because contaminants can ride the air throughout your house or building. Talk to your duct cleaning pros for help.

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