• What to Know About Condensing Furnaces

    Regular furnace maintenance improves your heating system and extends its working life, but what kind of furnace do you need? Condensing furnaces make your home or business place more energy-efficient, but you need to choose the right size to get the best results. You also have to set up proper ventilation and drainage systems. Keep reading to learn more about condensing furnaces.

    How Condensing Furnaces Improve Energy Efficiency

    A condensing furnace is a high efficiency furnace, which means that it lowers your energy bills and your carbon footprint. They minimize heat loss with the help of a secondary heat exchanger. This lets you enjoy all of the heat that you pay for, rather than losing some of it in the process.

    What Size You Need

    Size is an important factor when choosing a heating unit. Anything that’s too big for your space will just end up wasting energy, and a small furnace might not be able to get the job done. That means the wrong size heating system can waste money and energy, while still failing to keep your space comfortable. Consider the space you’re trying to heat. A large commercial space will need more power than a studio apartment, so talk to your HVAC professional and find out what size best suits your situation.

    How to Vent and Drain Properly

    Installation is more important than ever when it comes to condensing furnaces, and there are some special considerations to think about as well. Condensing furnaces need drainage systems and ventilation. Ventilating a condensing furnace typically involves venting through a side wall with PVC pipes, which lets condensation return to the furnace to drain. You also need an effective drainage system that can remove water vapor after combustion, and your drain needs to be at the right pitch with unobstructed tubes.

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