• Why Your New Construction Home Needs an Air Duct Cleaning

    When you move into a new construction home, you may assume that everything is as clean as it can possibly be—after all, no one has ever lived in the home, so how could it be dirty? In reality, there is one part of your home that definitely needs to be cleaned, and that is your air ducts. Even though the heating and AC system in your home is new, your air ducts could be circulating pollutants throughout your home and contributing to poor air quality for you and your family.  

    The reason your air ducts need to be cleaned when you move into your home is that they are likely filled with dust and debris from the construction process. Everything from sawdust and drywall pieces to scraps from workers’ lunches can end up in your air ducts during construction and cause poor air quality. A thorough cleaning when you move in can prevent that from occurring.  

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  • Duct Cleaning Questions and Answers

    The ducts are like the lungs for your home. Ducts supply air, remove air, and support healthy ventilation. All of this is central for your indoor air quality. But because homeowners don’t generally see ductwork on a regular basis, it’s easy to forget that it needs to be cleaned out periodically. If you can’t remember the last time you scheduled a duct cleaning , it’s definitely time to call a plumbing and heating company.

    Do ducts really get dirty?

    Yes! Even though you can’t see deep within the ductwork, it’s been busy collecting all sorts of contaminants. Mold, dust, bacteria, pollen, and dirt all build up in the ductwork. Plus, insects can die inside the ductwork, leaving their corpses behind. Plumbers often find mouse droppings and urine stains inside ductwork too. You definitely don’t want to breathe that in.

    Why should I have my ductwork cleaned?

    Aside from the psychological benefits that come with knowing you aren’t breathing in particles of mouse droppings, having your ductwork cleaned regularly may support your family’s physical health. Poor indoor air quality has been linked to a number of health problems. These include flare-ups of allergies and asthma.

    How often should I schedule ductwork cleanings?

    Most people who are concerned about their indoor air quality schedule cleaning and maintenance every three to five years. However, it’s really a matter of personal preferences and health needs. If someone in your family suffers from allergies, asthma, or other respiratory ailments, you could consider having a cleaning scheduled more frequently .

    How will I know if the cleaning job is done properly?

    It’s important to hire a company that is transparent about its processes. Not all ductwork cleaning companies do a thorough job. Make sure the company you pick to clean out your system will include these components:

    • Registers

    • Grills

    • Diffusers

    • Heat exchanger

    • Heating/cooling coils

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  • Preparing Your AC for the Summer

    AC Berkeley

    Your air conditioner works overtime during the summer months to keep you and your home cool. Through filtration media or UV-light purification, your central air conditioning and heating system can also help improve your home’s indoor air quality . Routinely maintaining your air conditioner is important. To make sure your AC in Berkeley is running in tiptop shape, create a cleaning checklist. And contact a professional plumber to perform an annual inspection in the spring.

    A central AC system is made up of three main components: a condenser, a circulating-fan unit, and a network of ducts. By performing a few simple maintenance chores on each component, you can rest assure that you system will be fully operational and working at its best.

    Clear Debris from the Condenser

    Your system’s condenser is located outside and is usually found next to an exterior wall of your house or garage. Since condensers are vented to allow airflow through the unit, they tend to attract and trap a lot of debris, such as leaves, dirt, or bugs. After a season of continual use, your unit may potentially be clogged. Before summer rolls around, be sure to check your condenser. A good rinsing with a garden hose will usually dislodge any debris. For tougher jobs, you can resort to chemical cleaners. When in doubt, enlist the help of an HVAC specialist.

    Replace Filters

    Your blower unit’s circulation fan is a hard worker, so you want to make sure it is not being inhibited in any way. Air flows into this unit through a filter, usually disposable, that traps particulate matter—dust, allergens, viruses—from traveling through the system and ductwork. Filter media tends to clog up quickly when airflow is constant, so check your filters often. A good rule of thumb is to replace your disposable filters once a month. If you neglect to swap out clogged filters, airflow will become severely obstructed and you risk burning out your system’s fan motor.

    Check Your Ducts

    Be careful not to obstruct airflow by placing furniture or other items in front of your home’s wall vents. Routinely check within your vents to see if any stray objects have made their way inside or if there is mold growth. Check exposed ductwork in your basement or attic for damages, such as seam tears or corrosion holes.

    For more help with preparing your AC for the summer, contact Albert Nahman Plumbing and Heating or visit our website. We serve the Berkeley area with a variety of HVAC services including furnace repair and installation, leak detection, and other plumbing procedures. Give us a call at (510) 843-6904 if you would like to learn more about us or want to schedule service today.

  • Top Reasons to Schedule Duct Cleaning Services

    Duct cleaning is an essential service for homeowners in the Bay Area. From the humidity of summer to the colder winter months, it’s crucial to have your cooling and heating system working at maximum efficiency. When you go without having your ducts cleaned over long periods of time, it can degrade the air quality of your rooms, the health of your household, and the performance of your HVAC system. With an occasional cleaning of your ducts, your household will benefit in the following ways:

    Better Quality Air

    Over the course of a year, ducts can accumulate thick deposits of dust and dirt , which ultimately spread through your living quarters each time you activate the heater or AC. Not only can this cause nose and throat irritation, it can also aggravate the symptoms of allergy-prone members of your household. An annual duct cleaning will reduce potential health risks and lessen the amount of dust buildup around your house.

    Consistent Performance

    When dirt accumulates in your ducts, it can obstruct the performance of your HVAC system. This, in turn, will inhibit the flow of air and force the system to overexert itself. But with a professional cleaning, you’ll have optimal air flow and maximum performance from your heater and air conditioner.

    Reduced Mold

    The hot weather of Berkeley can lead to buildups of mold and bacteria in the ducts. In addition to the hazards that this can pose for the health of your household, it can also wear down the performance of your HVAC system. Having your ducts cleaned from time to time will keep your home free of these germs.

    If you are experiencing diminished performance of your cooling and heating system, Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating will get it working like new. For over 25 years, we have performed duct cleaning, furnace repair, water heater installation, and more in homes throughout Berkeley, Alameda, and Contra Costa counties. To bring our service specialists to your door, call (510) 843-6904.