• Is Dirty Ductwork Affecting Your Indoor Air Quality?

    The average person spends a significant amount of time at home, which means that the air in your house can affect your health and comfort. For this reason, it’s important to realize that when you run your AC or heating system, any debris in your air ducts can be blown into your home and contaminate the air that you breathe. Continue reading to learn about dirty ductwork and air quality .

    Mold and Allergens

    Several factors can cause your ductwork to be less than clean. For example, if something has damaged one of the ducts and allowed moisture to get into the system, then mold or mildew may be growing inside. Many people are allergic to mold, so if you’re suffering from allergy symptoms while at home and you can’t find the cause, then moldy ductwork may be to blame. Also, dust and allergens can get sucked into damaged ductwork and lead to allergy symptoms.

    Mice and Rats

    There are many potential causes of ductwork damage, and one of these is a rodent infestation. If you’ve had a mouse or rat problem in the past, then they may have made their way into the ductwork and left droppings and other debris behind. There may also be rodents currently living in your ductwork, but it can be difficult to detect this type of problem without the use of specialized equipment and cameras.

    Time and Age

    Sometimes, the passing of time is enough to lead to dirty ductwork or leaky seals that allow contaminants into the system. These contaminants that grow in or find their way into your ductwork can trigger allergies and aggravate asthma. For these reasons, if it’s been a while since your heating and cooling system was installed or if your family is experiencing allergy or asthma symptoms at home, then consider having your ducts inspected and cleaned to promote better indoor air quality.

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