• Why Isn’t My Garbage Disposal Working?

    Having a garbage disposal that is out of commission is both inconvenient and disruptive. Disposals seem to have a knack for breaking down at the worst possible time, such as when the family is over for a holiday meal, so taking steps to keep yours in good condition can help you avoid this kind of hassle. If your garbage disposal isn’t working, contact your plumber, who can determine the cause and make the appropriate repairs. These are some of the most common reasons that disposals stop working:  

    Something is stuck in the drain. 

    Many people think that they can throw anything down the garbage disposal and that the blades will grind it up, but that is not the case. In fact, garbage disposals are surprisingly sensitive, and items can easily become stuck. Grease, coffee grounds, pasta, potato peels, rice, and bones are just some of the items that frequently get stuck and cause garbage disposals to break down. If you think something is stuck, don’t attempt to dislodge it on your own, which could lead to injury. Instead, call your plumber for repairs.  

    It’s too old.  

    Over time, garbage disposals simply age out. The motor stops working, which makes the disposal not run. When this happens, the most cost-effective solution is usually replacing the disposal rather than repairing it. Typically, a garbage disposal will last for 12 years before it needs to be replaced.  

    There is a problem with the electrical wiring.  

    Sometimes, the problem with the disposal isn’t the unit itself but rather the electrical wiring attached to it. Check the fuse box any time your disposal isn’t working to see if a circuit has tripped. If not, call your plumber, who can determine what the issue is and whether you need electrical repairs.  

    If problems start with your garbage disposal, call Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating. Our plumbers in Berkeley can figure out the source of the problem and restore your disposal to working order. Schedule a service call by dialing (510) 843-6904. 

  • What Parents Should Know About Garbage Disposal Safety

    When you have young children in the house, you need to childproof every room. The kitchen and its plumbing appliances can be dangerous for children to use, but there are steps you can take to avoid accidents and injuries. Here’s what parents should know about garbage disposal safety.

    Garbage disposals grind up leftover scraps so your garbage can doesn’t fill up too quickly, but they can be dangerous if you don’t know how to use them. Children are curious, but it’s the parents’ job to teach them not to play around the sink. Consider adding a cover plate to your garbage disposal switch so your kids can’t turn it on. You can even use a key switch so the disposal can’t be turned on by accident. Teach your children from a young age that it’s dangerous to use the garbage disposal, and keep an eye on them while they’re in the kitchen to make sure they listen.

    A malfunctioning garbage disposal is extra-dangerous, so contact your Berkeley plumbing professionals if you need to have yours fixed. You can reach the team at Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating by calling (510) 843-6904 today.

  • Tips for Cleaning Your Garbage Disposal

    Cleaning your garbage disposal can help you keep your plumbing system clean and free of clogs. In this video, you will learn the steps of cleaning your garbage disposal to keep it running smoothly without lingering odors. Using baking soda, white vinegar, and hot water, you can fully clean out and sanitize your garbage disposal. More stubborn clogs may require professional plumbing services in order to be removed.

    When you are in need of a qualified Berkeley plumber, look no further than Albert Nahman Plumbing and Heating. Our professional plumbers repair garbage disposals and offer a full range of other plumbing services. To set up a repair appointment for the garbage disposal in your kitchen, give us a call at (510) 843-6904.

  • Signs That Your Garbage Disposal Needs Repair

    People expect their plumbing and garbage disposals to work consistently, but residential plumbing systems and appliances need upkeep to continue working at optimal efficiency. Sometimes, it may be necessary to call on your local plumber for key services like garbage disposal repairs to keep your home in working order. Here’s a look at some of the leading signs that your garbage disposal needs a tune-up:

    It’s Smelly

    The kitchen is surrounded by food, plumbing, and trash, so it is likely that there will be a bad smell every once in a while. If you notice the smell coming from your sink, or directly from your garbage disposal, then you may want to get a better look at it. It is possible there could be rotting food that was never disposed of in the unit. Your garbage disposal is supposed to mash up and dispose of almost any leftover food that enters it. If there is rotting food in it, or a rotting smell constantly coming from the sink, then there may be a problem with the motor or a clog within the unit/

    It’s Making Odd Noises

    Almost everyone has made the mistake of letting a spoon or fork slip into the disposal. The accompanying sound is an awful metal on metal racket. If you notice this sound, or something else just as ear-wrenching, turn the disposal off immediately. Never stick your hand in a running or plugged in garbage disposal. Look in the unit for any possible non-food item causing the noise, and take it out. If the noise continues, or you do not find anything, look into getting your disposal repaired.

    It’s Working Too Hard

    When a lot of food is in the disposal, it will sound like it is working hard, but that sound typically goes away within a few seconds. If the sound occurs even when there is very little in the disposal, or after all of the food has gone away, then you should look into a disposal repair.

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  • Troubleshooting Garbage Disposal Problems

    If your garbage disposal isn’t working, and the reset button hasn’t solved the problem, there is a very simple way to unclog it. In case the issue still isn’t resolved, though, call your plumber for a more detailed inspection.

    After unplugging your disposal, look inside with a small flashlight. Do not use your hands if anything is stuck; instead, use long pliers to take the big items out. Then, use an Allen wrench in the small hole at the bottom of the garbage disposal; move the wrench and loosen the blades. Hit the reset button again, plug the disposal in, and it should be working.

    When you’re in need of a Berkeley plumber , call Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating at (510) 843-6904. We can perform any plumbing service you need, from water heaters to water leaks.

  • A Guide to Maintaining Your Garbage Disposal

    Your garbage disposal is among the most important parts of your kitchen plumbing system. Along with disposing of food scraps and waste, garbage disposals help to prevent clogs and other plumbing emergencies. One of the most common plumbing problems during the holiday season is a broken garbage disposal. With help from a company offering plumbing service in Berkeley, you can avoid bothersome kitchen plumbing issues this season. Read on for a guide to maintaining the garbage disposal in your kitchen.

    Avoid Damaging Foods

    In order to maintain your garbage disposal, it is important to make sure that you use your system properly. Your disposal can become damaged when certain foods are processed through the system. Some examples of food items and scraps that you should never put down your disposal include bones, pasta, potatoes, and coffee grounds. These items can create serious clogs in your system.

    Clean Regularly

    One of the best methods for maintaining your garbage disposal is to clean your system on a regular basis. There are a few simple steps that you can take to keep your garbage disposal clean and functioning properly. At least once a week, you can process a combination of ice and rock salt. These materials will remove clogs from the system, and also sharpen the blades. White vinegar or citrus peels can be used to eliminate any bad smells.

    Operate Properly

    When you are using your kitchen garbage disposal, it is important that you make sure that you operate your unit properly. Before you switch your garbage disposal on, you will want to run cold water down the drain for a few seconds. Cold water should be left on the entire time that your disposal is in operation, as well as a few seconds after it is turned off.

    For help keeping your garbage disposal in great working condition, be sure to contact Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating by calling (510) 843-6904. Our Berkeley plumbers are ready to help you solve any plumbing emergencies in your home. We look forward to assisting you in the near future.

  • Garbage Disposal Care 101

    Garbage disposals make dinner cleanup fast and easy, but most people overestimate the abilities of their under-sink appliances. The truth is that garbage disposals are not designed to handle everything you can think to pour down the sink. For example, seeds and bones can dull the blades, and fibrous scraps like celery and potato skins can cause the garbage disposal to get stuck. Watch this video for more tips on how to keep your garbage disposal in tip-top shape.

    If you’re garbage disposal is stuck, let an experienced plumber handle the repairs to minimize your risk of injury. Likewise, if your garbage disposal needs to be replaced, a plumber is the most qualified person to perform the installation. For all your garbage disposal repair and installation needs in Berkeley, call Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating at (510) 843-6904.

  • Spotlight on Garbage Disposals

    When most people think of garbage disposals, they imagine a blender-like contraption down their sink with sharp blades chopping food into bits. In reality, there are no blades in a garbage disposal. Instead, a disposal consists of an impeller that’s mounted onto a spinning plate, which forces incoming food particles against a grind ring, which breaks everything down. Once the food has been ground into liquid, it’s all sent into your waste pipe, along with the flushing water.

    Disposals are designed to break down fruits, vegetables, beans, and grains. Some of the more fibrous vegetables can be flushed down the disposal in very small pieces, but it is best to scrape these items into a trash can. Never put seeds, bones, rice, pasta, grease, or lard down a disposal.

    If you’re having trouble with your garbage disposal, contact Albert Nahman Plumbing & Heating . We do everything from duct cleaning to furnace repair in Alameda, Berkeley, and Contra Costa counties, and you can have us at your door by calling (510) 843-6904.