• Questions to Ask When You Schedule Plumbing Services

    Before hiring a plumber for plumbing repairs like water heater repair, leak detection, or emergency plumbing services, be sure you’re choosing the best plumber in your area. The more experience your plumber has with your specific plumbing problems, the more likely you are to receive high-quality plumbing repairs. Here are a few questions to ask your plumber when you schedule plumbing services.

    Can You Provide References for Previous Plumbing Repair Jobs?

    Ask potential plumbers to provide references for any residential plumbing or emergency plumbing repairs they’ve completed that are similar to yours. You want to be sure that your plumber can handle your specific plumbing problem. Ask for 3-5 plumbing references, and you should ask the references these questions: Were the plumbing repairs completed on time? Did the plumbing services end up costing more, less, or the same as the plumber’s estimate? Were there any challenges, and if so, how were they handled? Would you hire this plumbing company again?

    Are You Licensed and Bonded in My State?

    Not every plumber who advertises plumbing services in your area is actually licensed according to state regulations. You should find out what your state’s requirements are for plumbing licensing and bonding. Verify your plumber’s license, bond, and insurance information before hiring him for emergency plumbing or residential plumbing services. Ask for the bond and state identification number, and check the credentials to ensure that they are valid and up to date.

    What Plumbing Services are Your Specialties?

    Only an experienced plumber can provide accurate, efficient, and high quality plumbing services and plumbing repairs. Ask your plumber what plumbing services he specializes in, and how long he has worked as a plumber, to get a sense of his level of experience.

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