• FAQs and Answers About Video Inspections of Sewer Lines

    Your sewer line may be among the most mysterious components of your plumbing system. In the event that you experience a sewer line emergency , your plumber will need to use sophisticated tools and methods to get to the bottom of the issue. One of the most effective ways that your plumber can diagnose a sewer line problem is through the use of video inspection equipment. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions that customers have about sewer video line inspection.

    What is the sewer line video inspection process?

    Once your plumber has determined that your plumbing problems are occurring in your sewer line, he may suggest that you schedule a video inspection appointment. During the video inspection process, a small camera will be inserted directly into your property’s sewer line. This camera is a flexible reel, which is able to snake down into the inner reaches of your sewer. As your plumber manipulates the camera, he will get an in-person look at what’s going on in your sewer.

    How can sewer line inspections be used to solve my plumbing problems?

    There are several different types of plumbing issues that can be diagnosed using sewer line inspection technology. With the help of the inspection camera, your plumber will be able to locate clogs, cracks, or other problems that are located deep within your sewer. Video inspection can also be used to check on existing repairs.

    What are the signs that I need a video sewer inspection?

    If your sewer line is in need of significant repairs, chances are that it will undergo a video inspection. Some of the signs that your sewer is experiencing troubles include backed-up drains, malfunctioning toilets, or sewage smells in the interior of the home.

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