• How Weatherization Affects Indoor Air Quality

    Weatherization makes it easier for your home to resist changes in temperature and weather, so your space will stay comfortable regardless of what’s going on outside. This makes things easier on your heating and AC systems, but it presents certain challenges for your indoor air quality . Understanding the problems and solutions early on can help you preserve your indoor air. Keep reading to see how weatherization affects indoor air quality.

    Recognizing Problems with Pollution

    If you want to keep your indoor and outdoor air separated so you can enjoy your comfort and keep your energy bills low, weatherization is a great way to go. However, some people run into problems with indoor air pollution. If you like to light candles and incense or smoke cigarettes indoors, you’re going to have problems with your indoor air quality. This applies in any case, but the risk may be elevated if you weatherize improperly.

    Considering Challenges at the Beginning

    Before you decide to weatherize your home or building, you need to think about the challenges you might face. The point of weatherization is to close off your home from the outside. There are different degrees of weatherization, so think about the indoor pollutants in your home before you make your renovations and work with the right people.

    Improving Ventilation

    Weatherization helps separate indoor and outdoor air. This means your heated air won’t escape during the winter and your cooled air won’t escape during the summer. Likewise, you won’t have air coming in from outside during either season to hinder the effects of your heating and cooling appliances. However, you still need ventilation so your house—and your family—can breathe clean air. When you weatherize your home, you should pay even more attention to your ventilation so you can maintain your air quality.

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